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Best Knoxville car detailing

Knoxville car detailing is focused on providing exceptional quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With over 8 years in the automotive trade as a panel technician with a BMW franchise in the UK, Knoxville car detailing is more than capable of looking after your vehicle. Regardless of your busy schedule, the convenience and flexibility of black magic mobile car detailing service provides you with the professional detailing your vehicles deserves at a competitive price you can afford.

Knoxville car detailing also specialise in detailing all mine office and mine-site vehicles, specialist mining equipment & tools…call us for details or click the link below.



Mini Detail  $120 – $240 (10 Stages)     2-4hrs
*Pro clean wheels.
*Degrease arches, door jams, engine bay.
*De bug windscreen, bonnet, bumper bars, door mirrors.
*Windows polished inside and out.
*Tyres rejuvenated.
*Vacuum and blow out.
*Trims and dash washed and treated.
Full Detail  $300 – $600 (19 Stages)     5-10hrs
Same as Mini Detail +
*All plastics treated.
*Expert Tar and grime removal.
*Overspray removal.
*High Quality Buff Polish.
*Trims washed, treated and protected.
*Air vents brushed and air pressure cleaned.
*Seats and carpet intensive shampoo + Condition.
*Hoodlining washed
*Leather clean, treated and protected.
Deluxe Detail $420 – $820     7-14 hrs
All of above with seats and trims removed,
no dirt can hide from the deluxe !!
Inside Detail  $180 – $420 (9 Stages)     3-7 hrs
*Windows polished inside.
*Vacuum and blow out.
*Trims and dash washed.
*Trims and dash treated and protected.
*Air vents brushed and air pressure cleaned.
*Seats and carpets shampoo + Condition.
*Hoodling washed
*Leather seats protected.
*Inside doors and pillars degreased and washed

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