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Birmingham immigration solicitors

If your adoptive child’s country is not in the list, there is an option to apply for adoption in the UK courts. The UK immigration Law visa for adopted child also expressed that a child can usually stay permanently in the UK soils as long as they are in the designated country list. If not, your child can stay for up to a year until the courts decided to let your child stay indefinitely.

Birmingham immigration solicitors

Be advised that there are required documents for the adopted child, so all the requirements should be met from the child’s country of origin. You child will enjoy the benefit of being a British citizen only if you or your spouse is a British citizen when the adoption took place.


According to the UK immigration law visa for adopted child, you must be financially capable to support a child. The Home office also requires parent or parents to send a copy of their financial statements stating that they are indeed capable financially. Only a British citizen can benefit from public funds and these should not be used to help support your child. These are the public funds benefits:

Income based job seeker’s allowance
Child tax credit
Income support and an social fund payment
Child, housing and council tax benefits
State pension credit and housing homelessness assistance
Carer’s allowance
Disability living allowance
Severe disablement allowance


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