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Child care centres cheltenham Vic

Clearly, the role of the parents carries great weight, but there is no question that in the last 30 years, we have a great social change that has seen a fundamental influence on this relationship. Children are more external influences through better access to technology and the efforts of increasingly sophisticated societies to which they are exposed. During childhood, friendships are competitive for a long time, trophies increasingly materialistic and expensive, and boast of a group on the playground, expanded to hundreds of friends online.

All this explains why many children do not attribute their discontent, what they want. So it is the fault of the departments of advertising and marketing “push” their products on the pressure parents to buy them everything they see? Well, yes and no. Obviously, there must be a regulation of this centrally – efforts to prevent the sexualisation of children, for example, supported by the laws of advertising.


But parents are not powerless. While many worry about the social pressure on their children fit in, they still have the ability to say no – especially important to consider when increased financial pressure. The simplest option is to give a child’s needs, but in the long run, it is not helping, and will not be good for their development. The main thing is that children want and need is attention.

Children look to parents to teach them right from wrong, too, to provide them with love and their support network. In conversation with them (and hear!) And with the education of good values ​​from the start to develop real confidence and happiness that material goods are not. You can not consciously appreciate the time, but you deploy it in a much better starting position for the future!

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