fairknowledge / July 3, 2018

Why Electrical Landlord Safety Certificates are Important

What are electrical safety certificate?

Electrical safety certificates are documents filled by qualified electricians.

These electricians must be licences when performing electrical work in any environment, especially in your home where your loved ones are.


Landlord certificates are non-optional and a legal requirement.

If you do not have an electrical certificate, it’s a criminal offence.

Whenever electrical work is completed by a licensed electrician, they must hand you a safety certificate.

Regardless of how big or small the electrical work is.

Electrical safety certificate criteria…

Electrical Safety Certificates

Some criteria on your safety certificate must be: a bar code by Energy Safe Victoria, the details of the work carried out, sign and date and a few other things.

Before you hire an electrician, make sure they will be able to provide you with an electrical safety certificate.

If they don’t comply with this condition, don’t hire them.

If you haven’t received your safety certificate, make sure to ring-up Energy Safe Victoria.

An electrical safety certificate is a certification of your home being safe from electrical hazards.

So make sure you get your hands on one. You don’t want to put your loved ones at risk so make sure you get a reliable electrician to do the job.

Even if you’re strapped for cash, do what you’ve got to do in-order to get the money. (Nothing illegal of course)

Electrical safety is extremely important since it’s the thing that protects your family and gives you peace of mind.

You don’t want to hire some cowboy builder that completely wrecks your home.

Pay the price for premium security, you can never regret that type of stuff.

Trading money for safety is a no brainier and something that you need to do.

If your looking for an electrical safety certificate in London, check out Lights&Sockets.co.uk.

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