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Increasingly, organized sports are requiring participants to wear mouth guards to participate. Mouth guards are considered essential sports equipment.

Will’s Story.

Will has been a patient for may years. Will was a star basketball player in High School. He went to college on a basketball Scholarship. Will never used a mouth guard while playing or practicing basketball.

Five years ago at practice, he was hit in the mouth by an elbow while playing ball. His tooth was loose and the gums were bleeding. Will called our office and we saw him immediately. After Will told me what happened, I took an x-ray. The x-ray showed a widened ligament on the tooth from trauma. In addition this tooth had very short roots from braces as a child. The was no bone or root fracture.

I told Will that I needed to splint this tooth to the other teeth with orthodontic brackets and wire while it healed. I warned him that the tooth may need a root canal treatment some day and could discolor. The discoloration may be covered by a veneer if it is severe.


I proceeded to stabilize the tooth and advised Will to immediately begin wearing a mouth guard during sports activities where there may be a blow to the face. A few weeks later I removed the splint and observed that the tooth looked normal and responded normally. I advised Will to check the tooth for swelling, pain, or discoloration. I also reminded him to continue to use the mouth guard.

Five years later

Two weeks ago, during a routine dental checkup, I noticed Will’s tooth looked darker. I asked him if he had problems or symptoms. He mentioned that a blister had appeared over the tooth a while ago which went away. He also mentioned that the tooth seemed darker to him also. Time for another x-ray. This time I noticed an abscess at the end of the root. Will need a root canal treatment. We scheduled the Root Canal Treatment which would be followed with a filling and veneer to correct the color.

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