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Post length is one of the factors that will decide if your readers will read it or not? Again, this post length effects differently for organic traffic and direct or referral traffic or subscribers.

Post Length Effect on Organic Traffic:
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Organic traffic means visits sent to your blog from search engines. These people are searching for something so, mostly they are in rush. Just sniffing for their target and get off. This traffic prefers small (50 – 200 words) to medium sized (200 – 400 words) articles with targeted information. To slow down the speed of this traffic on your pages, you can write the series of articles in which information is distributed. For linking, we have biggest example as Wikipedia.

Post Length Effect on Direct or Referral Traffic or Subscribers:
This traffic is most important for you. Because, these are the readers, which you actually Own!

When you have good number of subscribers or direct visitors, then article length is not independent factor. Here comes the new measure, Article Frequency.

If your article frequency is too high (> 2 articles each day), then write majority of articles with length 150 – 300 words. While running this pattern, you can drop a long article (> 450 words) or very short one (< 150 words, too) some times.
If your post frequency is 1 article a day to 1 article in 3 days, then write most of the articles in the length range of 450 – 1000 words). For better readership, you must vary your length in this range only. This keeps your readers interests in your work. You can drop a small article (< 180 words) someday but not more than 1 small article in 10 to 15 days. Also, try not to post very long articles (> 1000 words) frequently. This also have little undesirable effect in readership. Instead you can slice up that article into series.
If your post frequency is low like 1 article in a week or in 10 days then you must write all the long articles (> 600 words each). One small article can lead your subscriber to hit unsubscribe button and you lose valuable reader.

Now, Tell Me How The Heck Article Length Affects SEO:
I have not heard of Google giving benefit to long articles than shorter but if we think a layer deep then we can say that one long article is better than many articles containing same information. Reason is simple. When you give detailed information in one article, then many people find it useful and probably link to it. So, probability of getting back link to long informative article is more than getting it to smaller ones.

This phenomenon, in long term, can definitely affect your SEO benefit.

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