fairknowledge / November 1, 2018

Leaking Water Can Destroy A House In Minutes

One reason why leaking situations are so terrifying is that our wooden houses and water damage does not mix. The water can get into crevices and cause molding issues and structural damage if not treated promptly.

While we all expect toilet backup problems to be nasty, even “cleaner” septic backups — like the kitchen sink — can be smelly and messy.

We strive to help you minimize that damage by delivering top-notch priority service that stops water in it’s tracks.

Preventative Maintenance Can Save You Thousands

A small drip can add up to hundreds of gallons over a year’s time. Plus, small drips are only guaranteed to do one thing: get bigger.

Not to mention that a house that has never upgrade it’s plumbing can be losing hundreds of dollars down the drain through inefficient shower heads and out-dated water heaters.

Finally, the catastrophic failure of plumbing can lead to thousands of dollars of costly repairs.

Watch your water bill closely. If you think the numbers are “off” from one month to the next, it might be indicative of a hidden leak that needs immediate attention.


Keep Our Number Handy

We are the best Pro Emergency Plumber Near Me, and for several good reasons. One, we pride ourselves on our prompt, through service. Secondly, we want every customer to be satisfied, so we only show up with our best work.

Beyond that, we are licensed and certified and maintain constant training of all employees to ensure that we exceed any of London standard requirements for plumbers.

Finally, we insist on treating you the same way we would want to be treated. You never call a plumber because you want to. We get that, and it is our goal to turn your frustrating day into a much better one.

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