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Weddings, parties, funerals and so many other events require the same prerequisite: a good plan which envelopes the entire event and has contingency planning built into it, meaning that it’s fail proof as it’s designed to deal with any unforeseen emergencies and hurdles.


Imagine planning a loving couples wedding, only for all of it to go wrong at the last moment. You’ll be solely responsible for ruining the couple’s most special day of their lives, and have them embarrassed in front of all their guests. Happy events are easier to forget, but how about messing up someone’s funeral planning? That would be a much harder mistake to get over, and will probably cost you your career if you’re a professional planner. Even if you’re not a professional, the chances that someone will ask for your assistance for any sort of event planning matter will become incredibly slim.

No one wants that sort of shame. This is why we’ve got a few points which everyone should keep in mind before indulging in any planning affairs. Once you’ve learned to keep these simple points in your head, you’ll be safe most of the time.

1. Plan for unexpected surprises
One way to master this is to learn from experience. You can’t learn from your own experience, because as mentioned above, you’ll lose your planning credibility after a fail or two. Therefore, you should learn from the experience of others. Talk to successful event planners, whether they’re online or living close to your locality. Discuss the kinds of things which tend to go wrong during certain events, and note them down. Making notes is relatively important in this business as you’ll likely forget what you thought you’d be able to remember at the back of your head. Read online blogs by event planners and pick up on as many hints and tips as you can. As you progress through them, you’ll feel yourself growing increasingly competent in event planning.

The second thing which you can do is use your imagination. Create scenarios of events like weddings and parties in your head, and then imagine all sorts of things which could go wrong. This will take time at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Write down all the solutions which you think will work for these scenarios in your notes.

2. Keep a level head
The mistakes you make don’t matter. It’s what you do right after making the mistake which actually counts. If you’ve decided that you’re able to handle the stress that comes with being an event planner, then you need to keep your composure in check at all times. Calm and calculated thinking will help you overcome arbitrary situations, like a child being injured, or the food not having any flavoring in it. Learn not to panic under those situations, and use the contingency planning you’ve been making in order to creatively solve such problems.

Make sure you never let the stress get to you, because once you’re not thinking straight, you won’t be able to direct anyone else. Keep focused, and you’ll do just fine.

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