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See here for some great deals on Skruf snus


See here for some great deals on Skruf snus

Siberia snus is viewed as probably the best brand as it is incredibly solid and quality made. Taste and smell of mint is so solid it is difficult to keep it near you’re nose. While for new clients this might be pointless excess, for long time buyers that have just became accustomed to high nicotine sums this brand is the best.


It feels crisp and for a minute consumes the tooth tissue. You can keep it in the mouth for a considerable length of time before coming up short on the taste and nicotine on the grounds that the makers have made an extraordinary employment making it keep going for quite a while without causing distress. It is fabricated by GN Tobacco – organization which adheres to extremely exacting principles when making their items.

15 pockets, 43mg/g – nicotine, 0.9g – weight/pocket.

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Having more than 1 million standard clients. Delivered by GN Tobacco Odens snus is ideal for another client as it has low nicotine level and like Siberia nature of taste and bundle. Most mainstream sort of Odens is cold dry white bit containing medium measure of nicotine and number of pockets.

Makers of Odens snus have higher gauges for tobacco and quality control along these lines it is better than different brands. Furthermore their image offers a wide assortment of tastes and flavors. It is additionally known for making a 17-year old kid rich on the grounds that Odens is so well known on the underground market. Intrigued ? Peruse here.

Returning to our most loved snus, Here we have Odens Cold Extreme WD Portion Snus, WD significance: white dry.

15 pockets , 22mg/g – nicotine, 0.7g – weight/pocket.

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Ettan snus is additionally a result of Swedish match organization which implies that it adheres to the equivalent exacting standards for assembling (these incorporate granulating, planning and bundling). Their items are made in a legitimate cleanliness condition and observe a unique standard of assembling (GOTHIATEK)

Ettan makes conventional enhanced snus with best traces of dull chocolate, malt and smoke. Ettan white dry segment is ideal for the individuals who need to decrease the dribble to least, appreciate unique flavors and hight quality tobacco.

Ettan Original part: 8.5mg/g – nicotine, 24 pockets, 1g each pocket with kind of dim chocolate.

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