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What materials for the frame of the veranda?

Formerly called winter garden, the veranda is at first one more room for the house. Used throughout the year, this construction also offers an undeniable cachet, in restoration as well as in construction. Its glass walls are still synonymous with brightness in any season. A veranda can host a living room as well as cover a pool.

Do not forget to ask your town hall beforehand: a declaration of work may be necessary for the construction. Several months of waiting are not rare. Soil, Roofing, openings, etc. : building the veranda requires multiple steps.

It is best to pour a slab, if possible dark color to ensure a thermal contribution, and for those who wish to apply a coating. Windows and doors and walls require double glazing; it is necessary to ensure the insulation of the rest of the housing. The roof offers the possibility of various materials: glass, opaque panels, slates … Other arrangements can be implemented such as install a veranda.


What materials for the frame of the veranda

The frame of a veranda gives the choice between different materials. The most commonly used is aluminum, solid, suitable for all shapes, easy to maintain and sold in a wide variety of colors. It also gives a really design touch to the house. Finally, great advances have been made in its insulating properties.
The other usable materials are PVC for cost, a wood species, elegant and resistant or even wrought iron, prestige material. The prices for a veranda cover a wide range: They come from the size but also the materials used and start in the 15 000 €. Plastic is the most interesting for the portfolio, the least affordable steel. It is possible to buy a veranda in specialized supermarkets as at a distributor.


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