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Why you need Auckland building inspections?

Pre-Listing / Pre-Purchase Inspections

You’ve found the house. Is it the right one? Pre- Purchase inspection for the home buyer can make your dream home a worry-free reality. Finding a new home can be very exciting and stressful, but nothing’s worse than buying your dream house, moving in, and finding out that there are lots of serious structure or other issues. So make sure your experience is not a negative one, all the way through, with a building inspection.You’ll know the condition of your prospective new home and will be

Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced building inspectors will answer any questions you may have about your home, during the inspection process or anytime afterwards, so you can make your purchasing decision with confidence.

If you obtain an inspection report that lets you know that the home needs work you hadn’t originally anticipated and the seller refuses to remedy the situation in order to close the deal, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t buy the home. It does, however, let you know that at some point in the future you will need to make repairs to the property. By getting a home inspection, you can prepare yourself for any additional costs that may arise.


There is no requirement for pre-purchase building inspectors to follow a code of practice or standard. That means anybody can do this job, and does, without having a clear understanding of buildings. You won`t find a Home Inspector with building qualifications or certifications. These inspectors can identify some of the problems but they can’t tell you how to rectify them or how much the remedial work will cost. Also, most don’t have the right tools or a good understanding of building energy efficiency. The painful truth is that no Home Inspector is a Certified Building Inspector.

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